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047 - Secret Mailboxes

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On iOS there are four secret mailboxes you might not know about that supercharge your inbox.

Open mail on an iPhone or iPad.

Typically Mail on iOS has these mailboxes.

Most users live in Inbox and dip into a few of these. But there are other mailboxes you can enable. I’m going to show you the four powerful ones I use.

Tap Edit in the upper right.

The hidden mailbox options are shown.

Tap Flagged, Unread, Attachments and Today. Then tap Done.

Unread shows you all your unread email. This makes it really quick to ignore messages you’ve already dealt with.

I’m going to open a message which will mark it as read. I’m going to tap the reply arrow and tap Flag from the options to mark it for later.

If I leave the Unread mailbox and then go back in the previously read message is now gone.

However, because I flagged it to deal with, it’s now in the Flagged mailbox. This is a great way to keep track of mail that important but you don’t have time to deal with.

Attachments is a great folder for finding emails where people have attached something. I often find this is a special subset of email I receive as I know that there are documents or images I may not have saved out of the email but are easy to get to.

Finally, the Today view is nice if you know you received something today and just want to quickly flip through recent email.

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