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009 - iPad Multitasking

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On an iPhone, you can typically interact with one app at a time. Most people use a single app at a time on iPads but you can actually have two or three applications visible at a time. This is helpful if you’re typing in one application and reading from another.

iPad multitasking requires that you have the applications you wish to use in the Dock. To quickly set this up, choose the first app you wish to use and then choose the second.

To use two apps side by side in split view, swipe up slightly from the bottom to show the Dock and tap and hold on the other application you wish to view. Drag it out of the dock and over to the right or left of the current application and release.

The applications are now in split view. You can drag the separator in the middle to adjust the size of each application to take up 2/3, 1/2 or 1/3 of the screen. To remove an app, simply drag the splitter all the way over to one side of the screen.

Another option is to open an app in Slide Over mode. As before, show the Dock and tap and drag an icon. This time, instead of dragging the application to the side, release it in the middle of the screen. It will appear as a floating application. By using the handle at the top it can be moved to the right or left side of the screen to expose parts of the application underneath.

The advantage of Slide Over mode is that you can drag additional applications into the floating area. You can cycle between them by swiping up or across at the bottom of the floating window as you would with applications on an iPhone with FaceID. You can convert the Slide Over application to a Split View by dragging it to the left or right or remove it by dragging it off the right side of the screen

Finally, you can use both Split View and Slide Over together using the previous gestures.

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