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Switch Applications Faster! - 007 - Mac Application Switching

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007 - Mac Application Switching
The Mac has two obvious ways to switch between running applications.

If the application is visible or partly visible simply click on one of its windows to make it active. Alternatively, you can click the apps icon in the dock.

But did you know there’s a third way?

You can speed up app switching by keeping your hangs on the keyboard.

Hold down the Command key and at the same time press tab. A row of active application icons appears.

The first time you tap tab to activate the quick switcher the previously used application is selected.

You can release the command key to select it. This provides an excellent way to very quickly toggle between two applications.

If you want to select one of the other application press the tab key again. Each time you press the key it will advance to the next application.

Holding shift will select applications in the reverse order.

You can also use the mouse to select any one of the icons.

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