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022 - Screen Time Reports

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Feel like you or your kids might be spending too much time on your devices? Wondering how much time and where it’s all going?

Go to Settings

Tap Screen Time

Tap Turn on Screen Time

Continue and choose This is My iPhone

Screen Time will start tracking the time you’ve spent on apps.

You can tap on Downtime and enable it to have your iPhone remind you when it’s time to step away from the phone.

Other areas of screen time let you set application and communication limits.

You can choose which contacts and application are allowed at all times.

You can optionally allow or deny different types of content.

The reports will summarize your weekly and daily usage.

Here’s a sample of what a report might look like.

Hmmm. Might need to pare back a bit.

You can drill down into specific app usage or categories.

Reports will also show you the number of times you’ve picked up your phone and the number of notifications you’ve received.

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