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005 - iCloud Sync

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Having your photos, files, and passwords sync between your Mac and iOS devices is incredibly convenient and helpful. Edit a document on your Mac and it’s quickly available on your iPhone. Take a photo or video and they automatically sync back to the photo library on your Mac.

Here’s how you can verify documents and photos are syncing automatically.

On you Mac, access System Preferences through the Apple logo in the menu, or by opening it from the Dock

At the top of the Window click Apple ID.

You’ll see a list of applications using iCloud.

I would suggest enabling iCloud Drive, Photos and even Keychain to sync passwords.

Click Options next to iCloud Drive to ensure Desktop & Document Folders is selected.

On you iPhone, tap Settings

Tap on your Apple ID and iCloud profile

Tap on iCloud

Verify that Photos is on

As well as Messages,

Keychain, to sync passwords

And iCloud Drive to sync documents

Documents can be accessed via the Files application

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