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003 - Bedtime Alarm

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We all know we should be getting sufficient sleep every night. 8 hours? Maybe you only need 6? Maybe you need more like 9?

Whatever your sleep number iPhones have a streamlined alarm for waking up that lets you easily set your alarm based on how much sleep you need.

Tap Clock to get started

Tap setup at the top of the screen

The first time you select this, a series of questions will be asked to quickly get you set up using the Health App.

Confirm your health settings

Choose how long you’d like to sleep by tapping the plus and minus buttons

Choose which days you want this to apply to. Don’t need one on the weekend. Just select weekdays.

Tap and hold to move the sleep selector to your desired sleep and wake times. I like an early wakeup for a cycling workout or getting work done before the family is up.

You can also change options such as the sound you wake up to and the volume.

You can set a different schedule for the days you didn’t set an alarm for.

You can enable sleep mode that simplifies your lock screen to reduce distractions.

You can can turn on Wind Down Mode that reminds you it’s almost bedtime and turns on Do Not Disturb mode

It also gives you the option to add Shortcuts to the lock screen if you want, ideally for pre-sleep relaxation apps.

And we’re done. Sweet dreams!

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