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019 - Portrait Mode

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It’s almost Christmas Day. Soon you’ll be taking lots of photos of kids or possibly teddy bears. Portrait mode is a great way to make photos of people really stand out.

Open camera to see the difference between a normal and portrait shot.

Frame your subject or in this case, bear.

Decent photo. But I think we can make it better.

Switch to portrait mode by tapping and sliding over on the mode selector.

You’ll notice the shot crops in so you’ll need to back up a bit.

A message above indicates if you need to move farther from or closer to the subject.

You may have to tap on the subject to get the autofocus to lock on

Tap the shutter button to take the photo

Tap the photo icon to see the result.

Notice how the background blurs? The phone is simulating a shallow depth of field if you had control of the aperture. It makes the subject “pop” from the background.

Tapping edit allows you to adjust the blur effect or the lighting style.

Tap the aperture icon to adjust the f-stop or blur effect.

Slide the lighting selector to choose different lighting effects.

Tap Done if you’re happy with the changes.

Merry Christmas bear.

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