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018 - Family Sharing

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Stop paying for the same media or logging yourself into everyone’s Apple devices to share purchases.

You can share media and app purchases with family members and add kids to have them request permission to install or purchase apps and media.

Go to Settings

Tap your Apple ID

Tap Family Sharing

You’ll be greeted with a series of screens to get set up.

Tap Invite People, we’ll cover adding kids in a moment

Choose the method of invitation like Messages

Search for a family member and send the invitation

The family member will receive an invitation. When they tap on it they will confirm they want to join your family group.

They’ll now be listed in your Family

When adding a child you’ll confirm payment information, agree to terms and provide their name and date of birth.

You’ll also be asked to associate an email address. If your child doesn’t have an email address, you can tap “Do not have an email address?” and can create an iCloud email for them. Be sure to write down their password somewhere secure.

Finally, you can associate a phone number with their account.

Family members will now be able to share app and media purchases.

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