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017 - Photo Favorites

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It’s the time of year where we take lots and lots of photos. Many aren’t great. But every now and then we capture magic. Take a quick moment to mark the shots you love.

If you’re on your Mac, launch photos.

When you hover over a photo an outline of a heart appears. To mark that photo as a favorite, click the heart.

Alternatively, if you’re browsing through photos the heart is in the upper right corner.

Favorites will appear in a special album on the left.

On your iPhone, favorites you have already selected have the filled in heart on top of them.

When flipping through photos a solid heart means a photo is already a favourite. You can tap the heart outline to mark a photo as a favorite.

Selecting Albums from the main Photos screen will include your Favorites album for easy access.

Having your best photos quickly accessible is great for selecting and sharing which we’ll cover in a few upcoming tips.

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