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013 - Stop Signing Paper

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Did you just receive a PDF document that requires your signature? You’re not actually printing it and signing it?

Whether you’re on a Mac, iPad or iPhone you can stamp a signature or initials on a document in seconds and have it back in no time.

To get an accurate version of your signature on paper you’ll need a white sheet of paper and a pen to set this up. I suggest a thicker pen or even a marker like a sharpie to enhance the contrast. Sign the paper with your signature and initials.

If you’re on a Mac, open the PDF. It should open in Preview.

In the toolbar click the annotate icon, then in the annotation toolbar click the signature icon.

Choose camera.

Hold the paper up to the camera and position your signature on the blue line.

When positioned correctly and well lit the camera will digitize the signature automatically. If you find that the camera is not capturing the signature you may need to adjust lighting to make the white background less shaded.

When the image has been captured click Done.

If you can’t capture the signature or don’t have pen and paper handy you can choose trackpad to use your finger to write your signature or iPhone to draw with your finger on your iPhone. If you have an Apple Pencil that works well too.

You can now select the signature to place and resize on the PDF.

Repeat the process for your initials as well to have them stored when necessary.

On an iPhone or iPad open a PDF there and tap the annotate icon. In the bottom right click the plus icon, then signature. The signatures created on the Mac have synced over iCloud and are now available on your phone or iPad as well. Tap to select, move, resize and place your signature.

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