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011 - Hey Siri!

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Stop activating Siri with your fingers and start using your voice.

Tap Settings

Tap Siri & Search

Active Listen for “Hey Siri”

You’ll be asked to record a series of voice prompts to calibrate Siri to your voice. After you’re done you can use the phrase Hey Siri to activate Siri.

You can call her with Hey Siri and pause for the sound that she’s listening.

Hey Siri………what is six feet in metres?

Or just use Hey Siri and immediately include your request.

Hey Siri, what is six feet in metres?

Siri is great for quick interactions with all aspects of your Apple devices, like

Hey Siri, remind me tomorrow at 1PM to call Jeremy

Hey Siri, add eggs to my groceries list.

Hey Siri, who won the World Series in 1993?

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