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010 - iOS Search

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We often think of where we need to navigate on our iOS devices to access information. Swipe to find an app, open Contacts to look up someones details, open Mail to search for a keyword in an email we received. There’s a faster way to access apps and find information across our device.

Swipe down the middle of your device screen. You’ll be presented with search.

By default, search will present Siri Suggestions. These are typically applications Siri calculates you might want to use. It may also offer additional actions to perform in apps such as sending someone an email or message.

When you type in a search criteria, results are presented from all applications that are indexed across Contacts, Files, Calendar, Messages, Reminders, Mail, and Notes as well as performing searches on the web and in the App Store.

Results can be tapped on to take you to the relevant information and in some cases, specific actions such as message or call are make available.

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