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075 - Dynamic Daily Wallpaper

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In CrunchyTip 17 I showed you how to mark photos as Favorites. In CrunchyTip 64 I introduced you to Shortcuts. Let’s put them together to show you one of my favourite shortcuts!

First, make sure you have several photos marked as Favorite in Photos.

Second, since this is a shortcut I’m sharing and not from Apple, you’ll need to go into Settings, then Shortcuts, and enable Allow Untrusted Shortcuts.

Next, tap the link in the text of this tip on the CrunchyTips website to download the Shortcut.

Download Dynamic Wallpaper shortcut

Install the Shortcut

This shortcut, when run, will randomly select a photo from your Favorites collection that is vertically oriented. I’m filtering for vertically oriented photos because the horizontal ones don’t frame well on lock screens.

If you tap on the Shortcut it will take a moment to select and set a Favorite photo on your Lock Screen.

To automatically set the photo, return to Shortcuts.

Tap Automation on the bottom of Shortcuts.

Tap the + to create a new automation.

Tap Create Personal Automation

Tap Time of Day and choose a time to run the shortcut. I recommend Sunrise. Leave Repeat as Daily and tap Next.

Tap Add Action, then tap Apps and then Shortcuts.

Tap run Shortcut

Rom the Actions shown tap the Shortcut variable after the word Run

Tap the Dynamic Wallpapers shortcut.

Back on the Actions screen tap Next.

Finally, disable the Ask Before Running option so the wallpaper will be selected without you being prompted. Confirm by tapping Don’t Ask.

Then tap Done.

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