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073 - Smart Playlists

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Apple Music is smarter than you might think. You can create playlists based on meta-data.

Apple Music, in addition to all the song data like artist, and genre, keeps track of various bits of meta information. This includes the date a song was added to your library, number of times played, rating, loved or disliked, when it was last played or even last skipped.

You can access all this data and build Smart Playlists.

Smart Playlists can only be created on a Mac. On your Mac, open Music.

Click File > New > Smart Playlist…

Smart Playlists are based on rules from the data in your Library.

Let’s say you want a playlist of songs you’ve loved. Choose Love from the data attributes, is from the comparator, and Loved from the value.

Once the playlist is created, give it a name.

Let’s say you want songs you’ve loved but haven’t listened to in a long time.

Click Edit Rules to show the Smart Playlist rules

Click the plus button next to the last rule

Choose Last Played, then “not in the last”, then choose month and fill in the appropriate duration like 6.

Now you’ll get a list of songs you’ve marked as Loved which you haven’t heard in a while.

Smart Playlists also sync with your iPhone or iPad, so once you create the list on your Mac it will sync with your other devices to have the music you love but haven’t heard in a while everywhere you go.

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