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071 - Do Not Disturb

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Whether you’re in a meeting, need some downtime, or it’s time for bed, Do Not Disturb is great to silence alerts.

Do Not Disturb silences notifications, text message alerts and phone calls.

To manually activate it, access Control Panel and tap the crescent moon icon. Do Not Disturb mode is enabled and also indicated by the icon in the status bar. Tap again in Control Panel to disable it.

Alternatively you can manually activate it in Settings under Do Not Disturb by toggling the Do Not Disturb option.

If you want to enable Do Not Disturb automatically at night, enable the Scheduled option and set the on and off times. Optionally you can choose Dim Lock Screen which provides a less bright view of the current time when tapping or raising your phone, perfect for a dark room.

You can adjust options to allow phone calls from contacts in your Favorites list, as well as anyone in your Contacts, Everyone or No One.

You can also have Repeated Calls allowed. This means if a second call from the same number is received within three minutes of the first, the second call will ring through.

Finally, you can also activate Do Not Disturb when driving to avoid any distractions while at the wheel. This can be triggered manually, when connecting to car Bluetooth or activated with Apple CarPlay.

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