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069 - Contact Custom Tone

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Do you try your best to ignore your phone alerts when you’re in a meeting but have someone who’s messages and phone calls you can’t ignore?

For example, you don’t want to ignore messages from your partner. Let’s make them distinctive.

Go to Contacts.

Tap on your partner’s card.

Tap edit.

Scroll and tap Text Tone.

You can choose a specific tone for a contact so their incoming messages will have a different alert sound. Taping the alternate tones will give you a preview.

In addition to the custom tone you can also select a custom vibration pattern. This will give you a distinctive buzz in case you phone is in your pocket or on silent.

Finally, if you want to make sure messages get through, enable Emergency Bypass. This will allow sounds and vibrations when in silent mode or do not disturb.

Tap Done and Done again to save the changes.

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