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064 - Shortcuts

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You can automate multi-step tasks you perform on your iPhone using Shortcuts.

A shortcut is a series of steps that you would typically perform manually on your iPhone that are tied together into an automated flow.

When you open Shortcuts, it provides a few examples.

If you tap on a shortcut it runs.

For instance, tapping Text Last Image finds the latest image in Photos and sends it to Messages.

Tapping on the Gallery button in the bottom menu provides you with a wide range of pre-built shortcuts that Apple features.

You can easily tap the shortcut to get more detail and add it to your Shortcuts collection.

Once it’s added you can tap the associated “more” three dots icon to see all the steps that are involved in the shortcut.

There’s an almost infinite amount of things that you can do, so they’ll be lots more Shortcuts tips to come.

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