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063 - Today View

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In CrunchyTip 53 I showed you how to add widgets to your Home Screen. But there is a more traditional spot that widgets live.

Instead of swiping left for more apps, swipe right from the first Home Screen to see the Today View.

Today view provides multiple widgets to give you a glance at information from various apps. Photos, calendar, weather and news are some of the standard apps.

If you tap and hold a widget or scroll to the bottom and tap edit you can rearrange, add or remove widgets.

To move a widget simply tap and hold, then drag.

To remove a widget, tap on its associated minus sign.

You can drop one widget on top of another to create Smart Stack that you can swipe up or down to rotate through widgets.

Finally, to add a new widget tap the plus symbol at the top. You can choose from a selection of widgets for apps you’ve installed or built in apps like say, Shortcuts. More on those in the next CrunchyTip.

When you’re done, tap the home button or on Face ID iPhones, tap Done in the upper right.

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