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059 - iPad Keyboard Shortcuts

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Like on the Mac, if you use a physical keyboard with your iPad, you can use keyboard shortcuts when holding the Command ⌘ key in combination with another key.

Shortcuts are great because it means less time lifting your finger to tap the screen to navigate while typing.

You can usually use ⌘ N to create a new tab or document in the application you’re using. There are some commonly known ones like Cut ⌘ X Copy ⌘ C or Paste ⌘ V.

You can go back to the Home Screen quickly using ⌘ H and switch between applications using ⌘ Tab.

Luckily the iPad makes it easy to discover these shortcuts. When you’re using the Home Screen or any particular app hold down the Command ⌘ key for a few seconds and a cheat sheet will overlay on the screen showing you common shortcuts for that application.

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