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057 - Manage iPhone and iPad Storage

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Do you know how much space is left on your iPhone or iPad? Have you seen warnings that your iOS device is running out of storage?

Go to Settings.

Tap General.

Tap iPhone Storage.

Your device may take a moment or a few minutes to update which applications and their associated data are taking up space.

It will provide a breakdown at the top of the used and remaining space.

It will then recommend some ways to reduce space.

Finally at the bottom it lists the programs in descending order of storage space.

I don’t suggest Offloading Unused Apps as a first step as it means you might be without an application when you’re not on Wifi to download it again. But if you try all the other options in this tip you can enable it.

If you’ve downloaded video you can review them next and remove what you don’t need.

Finally, each of the apps list the amount of storage they are using.

If you tap on an app you will see the entire amount of storage it uses and depending on the app some options.

System applications like Photos have no option to offload or remove.

Most applications will have an Offload option or Delete option.

Some applications, like Netflix also list large files they are responsible for. Swiping to the left allows you to delete the file.

One final tip with Photos.

In Settings under Photos ensure that iCloud Photos is enabled and choose Optimize iPhone Storage. This allows the device to manage which photos are kept in iCloud and which are kept on the device.

I suggest having your Mac keep a full copy of your photo library though as an additional backup to iCloud.

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