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053 - Widgets

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I love that my phone can now surface data on the Home Screen. Try it yourself with Widgets.

Hold your finger down on one of your home screens to enter jiggle mode.

Tap the plus in the upper right on TouchID phones, upper left on Face ID phones.

This presents the Widget library.

Start by tapping the Smart Stack widget at the top. You’ll be given a choice between a small, medium and large widget.

The Smart Stack widget is a collection of multiple widgets. It guesses which of its widgets you might want to look at and presents it. You can cycle through each of them by swiping up and down.

You can tap and hold to edit the widget or remove it.

You can try adding smaller widgets like photos or reminders.

I love the photos widget because it does a great job of surfacing fantastic memories.

While in jiggle mode you can tap and hold the widgets and drag them around to rearrange.

Tapping on the widget will take you into the associated app.

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