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045 - Viewing a Few of Your Favourite Things - Favorites Screen Saver

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Back in CrunchyTip 17 you learned how to mark photos as favourites. Let’s put that to more good use.

On your Mac, go to System Preferences.

Click on Desktop & Screen Saver.

If not already selected, click the Screen Saver tab.

Choose a type of photo screen saver like Classic, or my favourite Ken Burns.

Change the Source to Photo Library…

The Screen Saver Preferences Panel will reload your photo library. When it’s finished, click the chevron to expand the list.

Click Favorites.

By default, the screen saver will start after 20 minutes of activity. You can change this value if you want it to come on sooner.

To also have the option of activating it manually, click the Hot Corners… button.

Using the drop down selectors, choose one of the screens four corners like the lower left and select Start Screen Saver. Then click OK.

Now when you move your cursor to the associated corner the screen saver will start.

Move your cursor or tap a key to stop the screen saver.

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