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042 - Tidy Up - Your Icons!

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If you’ve got pages of icons on your iPhone or iPad let’s get them cleaned up quickly.

On any iPhone screen with icons, tap and hold on an area without icons. It will change into what’s jokingly referred to as “jiggle mode” where icons have a minus sign and begin to jiggle.

Alternatively, tap and hold on an icon and choose Edit Home Screen.

You can now move icons around to rearrange them by tapping and holding for a second and then dragging to a new location, and releasing.

If you drag off the screen you’ll move the icon over to the next screen.

If you drag an icon on top of another one you’ll create a folder. The folder will be given a default name based on the two icons you grouped but you can tap it to rename it.

Tap on an empty area to stop editing.

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