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041 - How Long? - Measure

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Ever needed to measure something but couldn’t find the measuring tape or a ruler? Not to worry, you have one in your pocket.

Find the app Measure on your iPhone.

When you launch it, measure triggers the camera and starts to analyze the surface you’re pointing it at. Once it orients itself you’ll see a target appear on the screen.

Focus the centre of the target on a corner of the object you want to measure and tap plus.

Measure will add a start point.

Now move the target along the edge you wish to measure and tap the plus again to add the end point.

It will display the length of the segment.

You can continue to add start and end points to measure the various segments of an object.

Tap Clear to clear the measurements.

Another method if you’re measuring a square is to have Measure detect the area and then tap plus.

It will automatically measure the length and width. If you adjust your viewing angle it will show the area.

Finally, you can tap the shutter button in the lower right to save a photo of the measurements.

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