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040 - I Can’t Read That - Magnifier

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If you’ve struggled with reading small print or print in dim lighting, your iPhone can help.

Let’s say you need to read a list of ingredients because you have a nut allergy. But the type is a bit too small.

Open settings.

Tap Control Center.

Scroll down and tap the plus next to Magnifier to add it to your Control Center.

Swipe up from the bottom if your iPhone has TouchID or down from the top right if it has a FaceID sensor to access Control Center.

Tap the Magnifier icon.

The camera will be zoomed in so you can read the text more clearly.

You can use the slider to zoom in and out.

Ah nuts.

Turn on the flashlight if it’s too dim to read.

Tap the shutter control to take a photo.

You can adjust brightness, contrast or apply a filter to help improve readability.

You can also tap the views icon to snap multiple photos to review.

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