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039 - A Faster Trip to the Grocery Store - Grouped Reminders

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I can be very forgetful. So when I’m going for my big weekly grocery shop I make sure I have all the items in a Groceries reminders list.

But if it’s disorganized, it’s wasted time as I scroll up and down the list while I’m in the various sections of the store making sure I didn’t forget something before moving on.

Inevitably, I have to backtrack to grab an item from the produce section I missed the first time I was there.

So let’s get organized.

Let’s say you have a few items.

Add a category.

Drag one of your reminders on top of the category until you see the grey highlight, then release.

The dropped reminder becomes indented.

Another method is to create a category, then add an item below it.

Drag from the left to reveal an Indent gesture. Continue to drag and the reminder will be indented under the previous reminder.

You can tap the green chevron to contract or expand a category.

You can tap and drag a reminder or reminder category to reorder the list.

Keep your categories organized to have a perfectly planned shopping list the next time you’re at the grocery store.

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