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037 - Screen Time Limits

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If your child needs to get work done on their Apple device but they keep getting tempted and distracted by games you can use Screen Time to limit use.

Make sure you’ve set-up Family Sharing as shown in CrunchyTip 18 and you’ve created an account for your child as part of the family.

Tap Settings.

Tap Screen Time.

Tap your child’s account or name under Family.

Enable Screen Time

On the first setup you’ll be asked to set a Downtime schedule when they can use the device by setting a start and end time for when the device shouldn’t be used.

Next, you can choose to set application limits by selecting application categories like game or entertainment and choosing the daily amount of time allowed.

Content restrictions can be set up afterwards.

Choose a passcode to make changes to Screen Time settings or allow for more time.

Once setup you can tap on App Limits to make adjustments.

Add a new limit or tap an existing one.

The Screen Time passcode is requested whenever you wish to make changes.

Tap Time, then Customize Days.

Tap a day of the week to adjust the time limit.

One minute is the minimum limit you can set.

When a time limit is reached your child is presented with a message to let them know. If they wish, they can request more time and you’ll receive a notification on your device to authorize.

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