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035 - Look Closer

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Do some websites assume you have the sharp vision of someone much younger? Don’t strain to read.

In CrunchyTip 29 I showed you Reader View in Safari on the iPhone to make it easier to read an article.

This also works on Safari for desktop but on some websites that have multiple articles on a page this doesn’t always work.

As an alternative there are three quick ways to zoom in.

One is to use the Zoom In command from the View Menu or it’s corresponding quick key, Command + the Plus Key

Use the Actual Size command to zoom back

Alternatively you can use pinch to zoom. The two finger gesture that is demonstrated in System preferences to zoom in on photos but also works in Safari.

The quickest method I like is smart zoom.

Hover over the paragraph you wish to zoom in on and tap twice using two fingers on your trackpad.

Safari will intelligently zoom in on the paragraph below the cursor framing it correctly.

Repeat the tap to zoom out.

And conveniently the double tap works as well on iPhones and iPads with a single finger.

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