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030 - Trackpad Gestures

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If you’re on a Mac with a trackpad, and most of you are, here are some helpful gestures to navigate more quickly.

Go to System Preferences.

Click Trackpad.

The Trackpad preferences panel will animate various clicks and gestures to make interaction more efficient.

Force clicking with one finger enables lookup and data detectors such as word definitions.

Secondary click, otherwise known as “right click” or “control click” allows you to access hidden context menus with a two finger tap.

Tap to click allows you to perform a click simply by tapping down on the trackpad rather than clicking with pressure.

On the Scroll & Zoom tab.

You can select if you want to scroll in the “Natural” or traditional way.

Zoom in or out by pinching with two fingers.

Smart zoom with a double tap. Useful for zooming in on content like webpage content.

Rotating items like images with two fingers.

Finally, under More Gestures.

You can swipe between pages such as Safari with two fingers.

Swipe between full screen apps with four fingers.

Swipe from the right edge to show notifications.

Swipe up with three fingers to expose all application windows.

Swipe down with three to show all current application windows.

Pinch with thumbs and fingers for Launchpad.

And spread with your thumb and fingers to show the desktop.

All of those gestures can be customized but it’s great to get familiar with the defaults to speed up navigation on your Mac.

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