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029 - Reader View

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Navigation controls, social networking buttons, advertisements, pop-ups, pop-overs. Ugh. Can’t I just read the article!?

Let’s check out that recipe I was recommended.

Open Safari.

Tap on the recipe I found earlier.

Oh, look at all this. Buttons everywhere, overlays, ads. Let’s clean this view up.

Scroll up or down to expose Safari controls.

Tap the double A reading controls icon in the upper left.

Tap Show Reader View.

Ahhh, that’s better.

Safari removes the clutter to show you a clean article that is much easier and more pleasing to read.

If you tap the reading controls icon again you can change the background colour.

Change the font the article is displayed in.

Or change the font size to make it easier to read or fit more text on the screen.

An alternate way to access reader mode is to press and hold or long press the reading control icon to toggle Reader View.

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