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028 - Your Personal Reader - Speak Text

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Want to read that article but you’re busy making dinner? Why not have your iPhone read it to you.

Go to Settings.

Scroll down and tap Accessibility.

Tap Spoken Content.

Turn on Speak Selection.

This will let you select text, in a web article for instance, and have it spoken to you by tapping Speak in the context menu.

This works but it’s challenging if you want the entire article spoken as it’s arduous to select the entire article.

Go back to Settings.

Turn on Speak Screen.

Return to Safari for instance and swipe down from the top with two fingers.

This will start to speak the content of the screen while presenting speech controls.

You can pause the playback as well as jump forward through different parts of content.

You can also change the speed so it’s faster or slower.

You can also tap the finger icon and then tap text to speak a specific section.

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