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026 - Set a Date and Time on Reminders

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Making a New Year’s resolutions or to-do list? Don’t forget timely items. Set a date and time reminder.

On iPhone or iPad launch Reminders.

Add a new reminder.

Tap the info icon next to the selected reminder.

Enable the Date option to choose a date to be reminded on.

Enable the time option to specify a particular time to be reminded at.

Reminders for the current day show up in the Today view.

On the Mac, launch Reminders.

Add a new Reminder

There is an Add Date button that lets you quickly choose Today, Tomorrow, This Weekend, or a Custom Date

To add a date and time tap the info icon for the selected reminder.

Check “On a Day” and choose a date.

Check “At a Time” to be reminded at a specific time on the selected day.

Like iOS, there is a Today view that shows all reminders for the current day.

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