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025 - Files and Folders on iOS

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Feeling like your files are cluttered on your iPhone or iPad?

The Files app on your iOS device can mirror your Desktop and Documents if you’ve set-up syncing back in CrunchyTip 005. If you’re finding files a bit cluttered, it’s easy to move them around.

Open Files.

In this example I have five iPhone photos that I’d like to organize into one folder.

First, tap the more button and select New Folder

An untitled folder is created which we can rename.

You can then tap and hold on a file until a menu appears.

Tap Move

A hierarchy of folders appears. You can use the chevrons to navigate folders and tap the folder you wish to move the image into, then tap Move at the top.

If you wish to move multiple files at once tap the more button and then tap Select.

This allows you to tap and select multiple files indicated by checkmarks.

Various icons appear at the bottom. Tap the middle folder icon to move these files.

Select the folder as before and tap Move.

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