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024 - No more paper. Scan Documents

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Is the paperless office a lie? No. You just don’t have a quick way to digitize all the paper people are sending you. Don’t have a fancy scanner? No problem, your iPhone can do it.

Open the Files app.

Choose a folder or create one that is appropriate for the document you need to digitize.

Tap the more icon in the upper right corner. It’s the circle with three dots.

Tap, Scan Documents.

The camera will activate.

Place the pages of your document on a surface with some contrast

The iPhone will attempt to identify the edges of the page and automatically capture.

If it can’t quite identify the page, you can tap the shutter to manually take the picture and adjust the page edges.

After taking the shot, the iPhone is ready for the next page.

You can tap the thumbnails at any point to edit page captures. You can choose to crop, change the image type, rotate or delete the captured page.

When you’re finished, tap Save in the lower right.

It will combine all scanned pages into a single PDF.

You can then select the document and rename it.

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